Where Is All The Technical Jargon?

You might notice our corporate website is free of technical jargon. This is deliberate, and for good reason. We have found our clients really just want us to solve a problem so they can concentrate on their business.

You also won’t find us telling you our life story (it’s not about us, it’s about YOU, and your needs), or advertising Agile development processes, Responsive Design, the latest coding tools, Rapid Application Design (or its cool acronym “RAD”). We don’t advertise our Senior .Net, C# Developers, Java, PHP, or CSS and HTML5 skills, or our Senior Information Architects.

Talking about specific technologies and skillsets is like decorating a house before building it. Usually if someone requests a specific skill in a software developer, they have already self-diagnosed their problem and need a staffing agency or a pair of hands on a keyboard to direct. I am not against this; it may be what is best for your company right now, it’s just not what we can do for you.

I have always had a passion to create. I get a tremendous thrill out of challenging and technical problems, and I really love to see a business owner light up when we show them that technology can run their business in the way they imagined it would be, before reality got in the way. This same thrill is shared by everyone in my company, and the fact that technology is always changing means we get to create new and exciting software solutions every single day.

We believe that competency and staying relevant is a very basic requirement for us to remarkably service our client’s needs. Our experience, reputation and work speak for itself. Think of it this way… we are a service based company, constantly developing new software products with cutting edge technology. If we do not adapt and perform with excellence, we go out of business and starve to death (and we have been in business over a decade).

I do understand however that one may just be curious of what services are available with us. Or maybe someone wants to impress their software guru.

In that case, tell them we are competent in (short list, in no order): C#, JavaScript, HTML 5, CSS3, Java (Android SDK), PHP, Objective-C, MS SQL Server, Mysql, PostGreSQL, IIS, Apache, Nginx, Libhttpd, ASP.NET, ASP.NET MVC, ADO.NET, WCF, FuelPhp, CodeIgniter, Symphony, Yii, Kohana, Zend, jQuery, Sencha, Phonegap, Sencha Touch, jqueryMobile, Drupal, WordPress, Joomla, Dolphin, OpenCart, Unity3D, Telerik, LINQ, Twitter Bootstrap, and many others that are being added every day!

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