Website Design

A well planned and expertly designed website is a guarantee of success.

Users are visiting websites from an increasing variety of screens: phones, tablets and multiple browsers… and over half of all searches are now done through mobile devices! Your website will be intuitively designed for all these screens in mind, responding directly to your visitors behavior and environment. Are your users able to find what they need QUICKLY AND EASILY? We make sure of it.

Do you believe all you need is a website on the Internet to be found by your customers?  Think again, things have changed.  In early 2015 a third of all traffic was on social media (and the percentage goes up every day). Having only a website without marketing is like throwing a goldfish into a pool full of sharks.

SEO (“Search Engine Optimization”)

Google is king when it comes to being found, and the way you think Google works is probably a decade old.

“Metatags”, “Inbound Links”, and carpet-bombing your site with robotic text filled with “Keywords” in an attempt to trick the gods of Google will kill your ranking.  It will be as if your business did not exist. So what is SEO about now? Modern SEO is about quality content, period.  We make sure you are found and cited in as many places and search engines as possible – in addition to Google.  How?  We have monthly packages where we create real, compelling content for your online brand in the form of social media posts, blog articles positioning you as an authority in your market, Email marketing campaigns, monthly video posts, and more.  More importantly – we engage with your customers.  A neat little trick is that in addition to managing your online presence on multiple social networks that fit best with your business…  we start conversations in and among your customers making your brand the talk of the town.

Social Media

Your business marketing is much more than a website or an ad in a magazine. Now it includes social media, print design, SEO, and any of the ways that customers “experience” your company and remember it through ever-lasting impressions.

Having a website alone isn’t enough anymore. A website without digital marketing and a social media presence is like having a great movie without distributing tickets so that people can get admitted to see the show. Social media is now where your brand likes to play, and where customers share your brand messages with each other. Social media lets us find and connect with like minded individuals who share common interests, including your products and services.


This social digital space is also an opportunity to learn, find new and exciting things, and talk to people with diverse backgrounds and experiences. Many companies already understand this, corporations now embrace the power of social along with their employees who act as unofficial brand ambassadors. Our team can give you all the elements to communicate your brand, from a logo, an appealing design and marketing that matches your message and purpose.

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