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1 or 2 Days A Week

Go from startup to established with the right guidance. Building great technical stuff is only one part of having a successful long-term business. We can fill in gaps of knowledge and expertise, and transition your company from undisciplined development practices to a well oiled machine. You can benefit from our experience with newer technologies that offer faster, more agile ways of launching products and running your business. We can also leverage our connections with other opportunities in the community, extending the reach and abilities of your company and its products and services.

Technology Audits

Services to evaluate the design and effectiveness of your IT infrastructure, including the skills and performance of your staff. Our team can suggest ways to reduce your IT costs and enhance your disaster recovery capability.

Technology Audits

Technology changes your business every day. You are drowning in a sea of paperwork. At the same time your employees are doing the same things over and over to keep up with demands, and your overhead and costs are rising every single day. Your need a strategy to quickly get ahead, maximize the value in technology changes and create new and exciting things for your market, while increasing performance and efficiency. Tall order? Maybe not! Imagine that there is some business process or cool new tool that could make a world of difference, and you only need to know about it, or apply it to your business in a creative way. We are like technology guides for your business, that can also build everything you want and need.

Software Process Audits

Services to review your internal software development team and/or the relationship with your external software development vendor, and the quality of your software development process. We can offer an objective score of quality and find out how your development process supports your business objectives – including areas to improve supported by detailed examples.

Software Process Audit

How are CTO/CIO’s different?

How are CTOs and CIOs different?

The Key Responsibility of a CTO/CIO

Insights from over 1,600 face-to-face conversations with CTO/CIO’s from 70 countries and 20 industries worldwide.

The key responsibility of cto/cio's - focus

CTO/CIO’s focus the IT organization on new technologies and online tools to bring value to the end customer.

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