You saw a business need and thought up a crazy new software product. How do you get started?

It could be a mobile app, or a problem with your business you can solve with an online product and you know others will pay you to solve it too. It might be so amazing that you need a minimum viable product (“MVP”) to impress investors. Our IdeaBlueprint is an easy way to explore a software idea, resulting in amazing software people want to use – a prototype before committing to full development. In the same way you would not build a custom house without an architect and site study, you need an inexpensive model of your software and market research to take advantage of all the opportunities.

Business Automation

Replace your repetitive business tasks with software robots. Empower your customer to buy from you in new and easier ways.

This is the whole purpose of technology, and we are in the middle of a technological revolution – an industrial revolution powered through electricity, bytes, and bits. Let us collaborate with you, create new processes and tools, and launch them in record time. The best part is you might even resell the products we create with you, because whatever problem you have solved, someone else has too.

Custom Software Product Development

Any new problem you solve with a software product, others will need solving too.

Most companies might find software off-the-shelf and build their business around its limitations, or they get stuck wishing what they had already could do a little more. Through our unique product we call an IdeaBlueprint, product exploration is easy with very little risk. The best part is that we will develop your product to fit the business need, in the technology and way that matches that need the best. Also, mobile apps are now where most people buy things and share. Comparison shopping is done right from a mobile app standing in the store, and you can also tell your friends and family what you find instantly. Do you remember a thing called the “yellow pages”? You probably forgot they exist. By the time it arrived at your door, the most up-to-date listings and gossip about your business is online. Do people need your services? There should be an app for that.

IT Support

Nobody needs a full-time in-house IT maintenance guy these days.

Why? Ask yourself, what does the IT guy do once he has built the network? Maintenance these days is easier, and you really want the IT guys adding new and creative value to your organization. Let us support him and free him up to do other things, by taking the monitoring and preventative maintenance off his to-do list.

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