Paranoid Face
When Apps Go Bad

You understand what your smartphone and the apps you use are for.  However, your technology tools are getting simpler to use and at...

A blurred image of corporate people rushing around.
DevOps for the Little Guy

If you have a business, you run some part of it on software. Or you have some smart kid in your business that...

Image of a kid in the 1950's on a typewriter.
The Best App For Your Business

Running your own business can be costly and confusing. There are new tools released every day, such as new software, strategies and mobile...

Accountability and Pair Programming

In a previous post, I mentioned the value I get from my accountability partner. Using a software development method called pair programming as...

Accountability Partnerships

Accountability supports consistent success through setting goals, measuring progress, and making adjustments. In business, effective employers help their employees create and execute plans,...

Clarify Your Idea

Planning is one of the most important things to do before beginning a custom software project. Software development moves swiftly and things change....

Common Sense and Going Back to Basics

Software development can be technically complicated. Some things being said around the office are exactly like rocket science, especially when said by people...

Software Developers are Obsolete

When was the last time you: Wanted a piece of furniture, and thought, “I will learn carpentry, and build a desk!” Wanted to fix your...

Teamwork Multiplies Results

Custom software development requires a strong team. In fact, few software products exceed quality expectations without a good one. Team dynamics diagrams cover...

You Cannot Control the Clouds

When people refer to “the cloud” in IT these days, they usually gesture to the air, with the implied meaning that whatever is...

The Struggle to Be Agile

There are some dominant software development processes in technology marketing, one is Agile, and the other is Waterfall.  The reason I say marketing...

Where Is All The Technical Jargon?

You might notice our corporate website is free of technical jargon. This is deliberate, and for good reason. We have found our clients...

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